Women's Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide

Women's Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide
  • 4th Ed.
  • 2013
  • © Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Catherine Juve; Diane Schadewald; Ellis Quinn Youngkin, PhD, RNC, WHCNP, ARNP ; Marcia Szmania Davis, MS, MS ED, RNC, WHCNP, ANP
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-257673-2 / ISBN-13: 978-0-13-257673-4
  • Nursing


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Fully updated to reflect the latest standards of care, this easy-to-use handbook brings together complete information on women's healthcare and health promotion. Using a systematic, problem-solving format, Women's Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide, 4/e thoroughly addresses key issues in all areas of primary care for women, including reproductive and gynecologic content as well as selected common medical, psychosocial, developmental, and political problems, issues, and needs.

Every chapter has been updated, and this fourth edition includes an entirely new chapter on the assessment of older women's health. A separate chapter is now provided on Epidemiology and Diagnostic Methods and Procedures for Women's Health, and coverage of Complementary Therapies has been significantly expanded. Useful reference appendices cover topics ranging from billing and coding to relevant laboratory test values.

Hallmark Features:

Handbook format designed for easy access to essential information — providing a reference with sufficient depth to be useful in clinical settings, and as a source of teaching advice for clients, including differential medical diagnoses, screening and early intervention measures, and referral guidelines.
Addresses all areas of primary healthcare and health promotion for women — including reproductive and gynecologic health, general medical issues, psychosocial issues, developmental issues throughout a woman’s lifespan, and selected political and public policy issues. This text’s wide-ranging coverage includes crucial issues ranging from violence against women to the special needs of women with HIV; eating disorders to healthcare for lesbians.
Reflects the broadening scope of women’s health care — promoting integrated approaches and supporting trends that are being accelerated by recent healthcare reform.
Provides reference information healthcare professionals can use throughout their careers — including appendices on emergency childbirth, assessment of newborns, screening tools, billing and coding in women’s health, and important laboratory values.

New To This Edition

This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect current standards of practice, includes a new chapter on assessing the health of older women, and contains significantly expanded coverage of complementary therapies.
New! Updated throughout — to reflect the latest standards of practice in all areas of primary care and health promotion for women
• Ensures that students have access to the latest information for successful diagnosis, management, and health promotion
New! Assessment of Older Women’s Health chapter — bringing together up-to-date coverage of health assessment for today’s fastest growing population
• Fully prepares students to understand and assess the unique health issues of older women
New! Separate chapter on Epidemiology, Diagnostic Methods and Procedures for Women’s Health — including material that previously was incorporated in the Assessing Adult Women’s Health chapter
• Makes it easier for students to find relevant information on epidemiology and diagnosis
Expanded! More coverage of complementary therapies — reflecting the field’s latest findings and trends
• Helps students respond to growing interest in complementary therapies while still offering the best possible care
Updated! Reflects the CDC’s 2010 Sexually Transmitted Infections guidelines — as part of the text’s complete and up-to-date coverage of STIs and vaginitis
• Helps students treat STIs more effectively while fully supporting crucial public health objectives


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"This is a comprehensive compilation of up-to-date information in the format of a primary care clinical guide for women's health. As such, it is an important addition to a women's health primary care clinical library."

-- Kathleen Woodruff, RN, MS, CRNP (Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing) Doody's Review



The book is designed for women's health primary care providers, primary care providers, and students preparing to become primary care providers.


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