Ethics, Jurisprudence, & Practice Management in Dental Hygiene

Ethics, Jurisprudence, & Practice Management in Dental Hygiene
  • 3rd Ed.
  • 2012
  • © Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Charla J. Lautar RDH, PhD; Vickie J. Kimbrough-Walls RDH, MBA
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-139492-4 / ISBN-13: 978-0-13-139492-6
  • Dentistry


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This is the definitive, up-to-date guide to ethics, jurisprudence, and practice management for all dental hygiene students, new graduates, and licensed practitioners. The authors first introduce codes of ethics; discuss how ethical principles and moral values influence society, individual, and the profession; and cover crucial ethics-related topics such as informed consent. Next, they turn to practice management, showing how the dental practice must operate as a small business, and offering thorough career coverage. This edition's extensive updates include: dental therapists and other alternative workforce models; regulatory changes; opportunities in forensics; comparisons with practice in Canada; and much more.

  • Thorough coverage of ethics, jurisprudence, and practice management—bringing together all the information dental hygienists need to succeed
  • • Provides a single source for up-to-date knowledge about a broad range of essential practice-related topics in dental hygiene
  • Clear chapter objectives—identifying exactly what students they will be learning
  • • Guides students in focusing their reading
  • Key Terms—listed the beginning of each chapter, bolded and italicized in text, and explained in a glossary at the end of the book
  • • Ensures that students understand the field's specialized terminology
  • Case Studies—presenting short scenarios that introduce and highlight chapter content, and may include specific tasks or applications
  • • Connects the book's concepts to real-world practice
  • Critical Thinking questions—promoting classroom discussion and more thorough understanding
  • • Enables students to achieve deeper insight, either on their own or working with their peers

New To This Edition:

  • New! Covers alternative workforce models, education programs and practice settings–including dental therapists, registered dental hygienists in alternative practice, collaborative practice, Maine's unsupervised practices, and more
  • • Introduces students and working practitioners to new practice and career options that were never available to them before
  • New! Discusses new trends in regulation–including changing regulation for supervision
  • • Shows how new trends in government regulation are impacting practice and the practitioner
  • New! Covers forensics–discussing new opportunities in the profession of forensics in connection with catastrophes
  • • Introduces a significant new opportunity for dental hygienists in the workforce
  • Updated! Includes updated instructor's manual and PowerPoints–designed to be flexible enough to support and improve any course
  • • Gives instructors powerful new resources to save time and improve teaching effectiveness
  • New! Compares U.S. and Canadian dental hygiene practice–discussing Canada's approach to self-regulation
  • • Gives students insights into how U.S. practice compares with other approaches
  • Expanded! Includes more coverage of practice management– including production goal setting, more business planning coverage, and leadership characteristics
  • • Helps students build their own practices more successfully


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