Cardiovascular Nutrition: Disease Management and Prevention

Cardiovascular Nutrition: Disease Management and Prevention
  • 2004
  • © American Dietetic Association
  • Frances M. Burke, MS, RD; Jo Ann S. Carson, PhD, RD; Lisa A. Hark, PhD, RD
  • 0-88091-345-2 / 978-0-88091-345-4
  • Nutrition & Dietetics, Cardiology


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This new resource thoroughly examines the role of nutrition in the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Topics include: risk factor and nutrition assessment, lifestyle counseling strategies for behavior change, antioxidants and dietary supplements, preventing cardiovascular complications in diabetes, popular diets in the management of obesity and an examination of special populations, including women, children and multicultural groups. The organization of the reference is excellent and the language and graphics are easy to follow.


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"This is a comprehensive review of everything caregivers need to facilitate the prevention and care of coronary heart disease in their patients."

-- Keith Hickey, MD, BS (Ochsner Clinic Foundation) Doody's Review



Written as a reference for dietitians, physicians, nurses, and physician assistants working with patients who are at risk for or present with CVD, this book is a valuable resource. It contains helpful information to manage patients in a primary care practice or subspecialty cardiology practice. In formulating this extensive, well-written book, the authors have more than met their objectives.


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