Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office

Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office
  • 2008
  • © American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Jordan D. Metzl MD, FAAP
  • 1-58110-246-1 / 978-1-58110-246-8
  • Sports Medicine, Pediatrics


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Grand Award Winner! Now in STAT!Ref a single pediatric sports medicine resource that teams a practical skills-focused resource with full-motion video clips that show you exactly "how it's done."

The new Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office is a comprehensive resource for the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal problems in children and adolescents. It is the first pediatric sports medicine text that uses multimedia to allow readers to view anatomy and physical examination techniques for exam skill development. The title uses case-based examples to address common issues seen in the pediatric office such as knee, elbow and ankle injuries. The common injuries include shoulder, wrist/elbow, ankle/foot, knee, leg and hip/spine. Musculoskeletal examination with video demonstration includes step-by-step physical examination and corresponding digital anatomic illustration of each body area. The short topic chapters cover specific medical, non-orthopedic topics with charts and tables.

Using this innovative multimedia tool, you can view step-by-step demonstrations of the examination and evaluation techniques described and illustrated in the text.

  • • See examinations and test to determine the extent and location of injury
  • • See how preventive strengthening exercises should be performed.
  • • Profit from seeing proven approaches to diagnosing and managing sports injuries.
  • • Learn which tests to order when.
  • • Save practice time with informative patient education handouts.


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"This workbook provides excellent, up-to-date instruction in the evaluation and management of many sports medicine injuries for general practitioners, residents, or medical students. The format with its case study approach makes it easy to read and follow and it is fairly comprehensive including many of the most common musculoskeletal injuries one would encounter in the office."

-- Aaron Karlin, MD (Ochsner for Children) Doody's Review



Pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, residents, and medical students caring for young athletes are the intended audience. The book is aimed at general physicians and trainees rather than sports medicine specialists and orthopedists.


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