Electronic Health Records: Understanding and Using Computerized Medical Records

Electronic Health Records: Understanding and Using Computerized Medical Records
  • 2nd Ed.
  • 2011
  • © Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Richard Gartee
  • ISBN 10: 0-13-249976-2 / ISBN 13: 978-0-13-249976-7
  • Healthcare Informatics, Nursing


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This is the complete “learn by doing” text for everyone who must use an electronic health records system, including doctors, nurses, medical assistants, physician assistants, and other medical office staff. It provides a thorough understanding of EHR tasks and functional benefits that is continuously reinforced by actual EHR experiences. Updated to reflect the latest EHR rules, regulations, and innovations, this new edition also contains 50% more hands-on guided and critical thinking exercises utilizing real EHR software. Improvements also include a full chapter on electronic orders and results; new workflow examples; shorter chapters that more easily accommodate 12-week courses; and a revised, clarified discussion of E&M billing codes


    Coverage of history, theory, benefits, and skills — providing both the context for EHR and the practical skills students will need to succeed with it;

  • • Guides students through understanding key concepts and applying them in practice Learning Outcomes — highlighting key concepts at the start of each chapter
  • • Helps students anticipate what they will be learning Acronyms and definitions — beginning each chapter
  • • Helps learners quickly identify the terminology they’ll need to master Notes and caution boxes — explaining key terms and providing important additional information or cautions about the software
  • • Provides fast access to important information about EHR and the Medcin software “Real-Life Story” vignettes — sharing the EHR experiences of doctors, nurses, administrators, physician assistants, and patients
  • • Helps learners connect chapter content to real life in the clinic

Chapter Summaries — synthesizing key points and presenting reference tables of exercises covering specific EHR skills

  • • Helps students review and check their knowledge more efficiently Step-by-step, guided hands-on exercises — providing a computer experience closely resembling that of an actual medical facility, with real-world software and a sizable patient database
  • • Gives students highly realistic experience they can quickly apply in their own healthcare environments Open-ended study questions — at the end of each chapter
  • • Enables learners to test their knowledge and think critically about EHR Two comprehensive evaluations — including written exam and hands-on critical thinking exercises using the software and the Internet, at both the midpoint and end of the book
  • • Enables students to test and confirm their knowledge far more systematically Easy-to-follow, step-by-step Medcin screen captures — providing a handy visual reference to the key steps associated with many tasks
  • • Helps learners orient themselves and assess their progress through each task Numerous figures, tables, and photos — helping learners visualize both technical concepts and workflow scenarios
  • • Provides a more intuitive and practical understanding of complex EHR tasks and processes

New To This Edition:

Updated! Reflects the latest changes to US government regulations, incentive programs, trends, and technologies

  • • Helps students understand the current realities of EHR deployment and usage, so they can be more effective in offices that implement it
    Expanded! Contains 50% more hands-on exercises than the First Edition, including new Internet EHR, online medical research, and e-visit applications
  • • Gives students more hands-on practice
    Expanded! Contains a full chapter on electronic orders and results, now required in every certified EHR
  • • Prepares students to perform a key set of EHR tasks that other books may not cover
    New! Adds content and hands-on exercises related to medication safety
  • • Addresses one of the key care-related issues associated with EHR usage
    Improved! Improves Evaluation & Management (E&M) coverage with new workflow examples and screen captures
  • • Shows students how E&M is tied to practice management system posting
    Updated! All dates in the software and text have been updated, and students will no longer have to manually match encounter dates in 90% of exercises
  • • Enables students to perform hands-on exercises more simply and easily
    Improved! Content has been reorganized into 12 shorter chapters that can easily accommodate 12-week courses
  • • Provides greater flexibility for instructors in many types of courses
    Improved! Coverage of E&M billing codes has been revised and updated
  • • Helps students more clearly understand the relationships between encounter notes and E&M codes
    New! Case studies of patients and their conditions now introduce each hands-on exercise
  • • Connects students EHR usage more closely to the lives of patients
    New! Critical Thinking exercises added to each chapter
  • • Challenges students to extend what they’ve learned, and apply their knowledge in new ways
    Expanded! Additional workflow drawings have been added throughout
  • • Helps students more clearly visualize the flow of information, providers, and patients



For use in courses that cover EHRs in Medical Assisting, undergraduate RN and LVN nursing programs, and as an adjunct to other allied professional curriculum's (including RT, PT, and OT). Also valuable for continuing education courses covering EHR.


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