Oxford Desk Reference: Clinical Genetics

Oxford Desk Reference: Clinical Genetics
  • 1st Ed.
  • 2005
  • © Oxford University Press Inc.
  • Helen V. Firth; Jane A. Hurst
  • Judith G. Hall
  • 0-19-262896-8 / 978-0-19-262896-1
  • Genetics


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The first in a brand new series of easy-to-use guides, this book is set to become the bible for clinical consultation in genetics. It covers the process of diagnosis, investigation, management, and counselling for patients. Most of the topics fit onto a double-page spread ensuring that the book is an accessible, quick reference for the clinic or hospital consultation. Where available, diagnostic criteria for specific conditions are included as well as contact details for support groups. The book is well illustrated and has an up-to-date bibliography and glossaries of terms used in genetics and dysmorphology.


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Score: 91/100
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Specialty Score: 2.73 Health Sciences - Clinical Genetics

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"Dr. Firth and Hurst have achieved a tremendous goal. They have been able to summarize a tremendous amount of information in clinical genetics and convert it to an excellent tool for the practice of the specialty. It could not be done any better. The magnificent work done with this book and the marvelous presentation of the information suggest that as the field of clinical genetics expands, further editions will be needed. This is a must have book."

-- Luis Escobar, MD, MS (St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care Center) Doody's Review



This title directed to the professional in medical genetics with an emphasis on clinical practice. The nature of the book, which consists of specific summaries of clinical subjects, requires a basic degree of clinical knowledge. This is a most-have tool for all clinical geneticists who require quick and specific reviews in clinical practice. It also represents a great tool for medical genetics residents and fellows who are in the process of learning the practice of medical genetics.


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