Pickard’s Manual of Operative Dentistry

Pickard’s Manual of Operative Dentistry
  • 9th Ed.
  • 2011
  • © Oxford University Press
  • Avijit Banerjee and Timothy F. Watson
  • 0199579156 / 9780199579150
  • Dentistry


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It is vital for modern dentists to appreciate the effects of disease on the dental tissues and the science underpinning the materials that they use in order to maximize restoration success and longevity. Their interaction in this book catalyses the development of the operative skills required to prepare and restore teeth effectively.

The 9th edition of this classic dental textbook has been extensively re-worked, re-styled, and updated to keep abreast of current knowledge, principles, and the modern practice of operative dentistry. The book describes, in a clear and structured manner, the causes of dental disease, methods of identifying the disease process in our patients, and the development and execution of patient-centred management strategies based on disease control and lesion prevention. Common operative procedures and techniques are explained in concise bulleted points, tables, and flowcharts and illustrated in full colour.

The authors are world-renowned experts in the field of Cariology, Minimally Invasive Dentistry, and Dental Biomaterials. New chapters on patient management, disease diagnosis, and risk assessment, with the correlation of dental histology and the material chemistry, combine in this new edition to provide a unique insight into the contemporary world of Operative Dentistry.

DT The perfect companion for the undergraduate about to embark on their operative dental training
DT Profusely illustrated descriptions of operative procedures
DT Unique blend of histology and dental materials science


  • • A substantial revision of this classic text, bringing in new and emerging technologies without cutting back on basic      techniques and skills
  • • Useful across dentistry courses, from the beginning undergraduate to graduate level
  • • A unique blend of science and practicality
  • • Operative procedures are clearly demonstrated through step-by-step image sequences
  • • The text has been thoroughly revised to make the information presented as clear and digestible as possible, with      numerous tables and visual cues to make learning easier
  • • Questions throughout chapters, with end of chapter answers, allow students to check their understanding as they      progress
  • • Many new high-quality clinical photographs



This title is the ideal support, at all undergraduate levels, for dental undergraduates and dental care professionals (e.g. therapists) and will act as a solid reference for further post-graduate education.


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