Compounding Sterile Preparations

Compounding Sterile Preparations
  • 3rd Ed.
  • 2009
  • © American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • E. Clyde Buchanan M.S., FASHP
  • 1585281794 / 9781585281794
  • Pharmacology, Pharmacy


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Empower your staff to improve safety, quality and compliance with the help of new guidelines and standards. Every chapter of this popular review of the fundamentals of preparing sterile products in hospital, home-care and community pharmacy settings has been updated to reflect the most recent revisions to USP <797>. Included are the latest guidelines for the compounding process, quality assurance methods and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the dispensing process. Chapters new to this edition focus on gap analysis and action plans, safe use of automatic compounding devices, cleaning and disinfecting, radiopharmaceuticals as CSPs and allergen extracts as CSPs. Comprehensive documentation for the guidelines is included in the appendices.


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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This an excellent book to have on hand in any operational IV room and a definite must have for any pharmacy that is preparing to open a USP 797 compliant IV room. This third edition is needed now that the final revision of USP 797 guidelines has been published."

-- Nancy Makem, Pharm D (Nazareth Hospital) Doody's Review

"This is a perfect addition to any hospital pharmacy library or medical center's library. A great book."

-- Laila Elkadi, BSc Pharm, MBA (Temple University Health System - Northeastern Hospital)



This book is intended for use in colleges of pharmacy, pharmacy departments, and pharmacy technician training programs. It is a valuable resource, especially for any director of pharmacy or IV room coordinator who is preparing to open a new clean room.


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