Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management

Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management
  • 2011
  • © Demos Medical Publishing, LLC.
  • Demos Medical
  • 1936287013 / 9781936287017
  • Physical Medicine, Neurology, Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy


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The Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management provides relevant clinical information in a succinct, readily accessible format. Expert authors drawn from the fields of rehabilitation medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, physical and occupational therapy, and related areas cover the range of TBI, from concussion to severe injury.

Organized to be consistent with the way TBI is managed, the book is divided into six sections and flows from initial injury through community living post-TBI, allowing clinicians to key in on specific topics quickly.

Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management delivers the information you need to successfully manage the full spectrum of issues, medical complications, sequelae, and rehabilitation needs of patients who have sustained any level of brain injury.

Features Include:

  • • Concise yet comprehensive: covers all aspects of TBI and its management
  • • A clinically-oriented, practical "how-to" manual, designed for rapid access to key information
  • • Organized to be consistent with the way TBI is managed
  • • Includes dedicated chapters on TBI in athletes and in military personnel.
  • • Internationally known contributors drawn from the leading TBI programs provide expert information


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"The entire continuum of traumatic brain injury is addressed, from mild sports-related injuries to moderate and severe brain trauma as the result of catastrophic accidents. The book is all-encompassing yet easy to read and understand. This is a stellar quality book that will be beneficial for every member of the multidisciplinary team that is required to treat patients with TBI. It offers a concise but broad and informative view of the disorder, and can serve as an easy-to-read and access primary text."

-- Christopher Kramer, B.S., M.D. (Mayo Clinic Arizona) Doody's Review



Written for the gamut of healthcare providers who treat TBI patients, the book is appropriate for resident and attending physicians in neurology, physiatry, and primary care, in addition to physical, occupational, and speech therapists.


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