Lab Advisor

Lab Advisor
  • 2012
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  • Diagnosis, Laboratory


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When a patient is admitted, you need to know what's wrong. Determining a definite diagnosis early in the process demands appropriate laboratory testing information. Lab Advisor provides the relevant knowledge you need to order the appropriate tests, interpret the results, and quickly answer critical laboratory test questions.

Lab Advisor helps you:

• Identify appropriate laboratory tests specific to a patient's condition
• Monitor drug levels, therapeutic levels, and side effects related to laboratory tests
• Recognize medications known to cause false positive/negative results
• Collect samples and administer tests for maximum effectiveness
• Minimize patient discomforts associated with tests
• Interpret test results
• Determine next actions if results are abnormal
• Link directly to relevant details on diseases, drugs, and toxicological substances

Developed in conjunction with practicing clinicians, Lab Advisor gets right to the point with the knowledge clinicians need to order and interpret test results at the point of care. And when a multitude of appropriate testing options are available. Lab Advisor helps clinicians research and select the most pertinent and cost effective tests.


• Details on more than 600 laboratory tests
• Evidence-based ratings presented within the content


• Provides clarity to interpret unfamiliar tests when evaluating patients
• Minimizes inappropriately ordered laboratory tests
• Reduces costs and saves time
• Ensures consistency in interpretation and practice


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The easy-to-access laboratory test information in Lab Advisor serves all clinicians.


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