Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine
  • 3nd Ed.
  • 2008
  • © Oxford University Press Inc
  • Michael Eddleston, Robert Davidson, Robert Wilkinson and Andrew Brent
  • 0199204098 / 9780199204090
  • General Medicine, Infectious Disease, Public Health


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Delivering the facts to your fingertips, the Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine provides an accessible and comprehensive, signs-and-symptoms-based source of information on medical problems commonly seen in the tropics. Medical conditions are ordered by system except for the five major tropical conditions - malaria, HIV/STIs, tuberculosis, diarrhoeal diseases, and acute respiratory infections - and fevers. In this new edition the sections on malaria, cardiology, chest medicine, gastroenterology, mental health and dermatology have undergone major revision, and there is new material on altitude sickness, heat stroke, avian flu and fuller poisoning. There is a greater emphasis on pediatric medicine and public health throughout, and new illustrations and photographs have been included to aid with diagnosis.


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Score/Stars: 4/93

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"Based on current WHO guidelines, this is a well written, comprehensive handbook of clinical tropical medicine that will be useful for practitioners in isolated settings."

-- Winnie Ooi, MD, MPH, DMD (Harvard Medical School) Doody's Review



Physicians and nurses are the intended audience. The original authors, medical students when they wrote the first edition, have added many credible authorities as contributors for subsequent editions. For readers who need more detail, the book provides many useful websites.


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